Frequently Asked Questions

  • Double Board-Certified Pediatric and Medicine Physicians, also known as Med-Peds, is a specialty of remarkable scope, flexibility, and diversity. Dual-trained physicians enjoy the ability to work with children as they grow and develop from infants to young adults, the multi-dimensionality of their patients in mid-life, and the wisdom of the aging. The intellectual stimulation of working with the very young to the very old is both challenging and fun. The in-depth training in two disciplines lends Med-Peds physicians broad skills in managing patients with simple to complex needs, while serving as their advocate and mentor for even more sub-specialized care. Comprehensive longitudinal care offers the opportunity to participate in the life of a family for an extended period of time, and to serve as a role model and advisor. Pediatrics encourages optimism.  Although pediatricians care for a variety of significant illnesses and medical problems, the majority of their patients are generally healthy or, with their help, soon become so. Internal medicine brings a group of patients that on average are sicker and have more chronic illness, promoting cognitive skills practiced through diligence and thoroughness. 

  • Our office is open 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. Should you need to contact the physician on call for urgent clinical advice after the office is closed, our answering service will page the on-call physician.
  • We offer same-day appointments with a provider. Appointment times may vary according to your provider’s schedule or certain types of appointments may require more advanced scheduling to meet your specific needs.

•Whether you’re coming in for a first-time appointment or repeat visit, we will need to see your insurance card(s) and current driver’s license or identification card. Please come prepared to pay your deductible and/or co-payment at the time of service. You should bring your medications (medications include prescription and over-the-counter [non-prescription, herbs, minerals, supplements]) or a current list with you so your provider can confirm what medicines you are currently taking.

We appreciate at least 24 hours advance notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. Please call (480)981-8650 as soon as you know you need to cancel or reschedule.

We accept most insurance plans, including several HMOs, PPOs, POS plans, Medicare assignment and Medicaid. Each time you come in for an appointment, we will need to see your insurance card(s) and current driver’s license or identification card. You will be responsible for paying your deductible and/or co-payment at the time of service.

Our staff makes every effort to simplify and help you with billing and insurance claims procedures. We file insurance claims on your behalf as a courtesy. When an insurance claim is denied, we make a reasonable effort to appeal the denial when appropriate. If we are aware that a particular test or procedure is routinely not covered by a specific insurance plan, we will make you aware before the service is rendered whenever possible.

  • AIMP notifies patients of test results by phone, mail, or at an office visit. You should expect to be notified of your test results in a timely fashion. Therefore, we will notify you of most test results within three business days after your provider has received the results. Timeliness can vary according to what kind of test result was completed. For example, certain blood tests may be available in one to three days, while others, such as Pap smear, may require 14 days.
  • Abnormal tests and certain normal tests with more complex interpretations may require an office visit to discuss in more detail.
  • If at any time you have not been notified, please call our office at (480)0981-8650 and speak to a nurse.

The best time to discuss a referral is during your office visit. Many insurance companies require that referrals are made to specific providers, and additional paperwork and/or phone calls to authorize the referral are often necessary. We also like to provide the referral physician with your history and previous testing, or treatments pertinent to the referral, in order to coordinate your care. For any questions about your referral or care coordination, please call our Referral Coordinator.

It’s important for the effectiveness and safety of your care to always communicate with your primary care team. If you have had a recent hospitalization — including emergency or urgent care treatment here or out of town — or have had any kind of medical procedure or treatment, please call, or let us know at the time of your office visit.

All medications are generally refilled at the time of your office visit. If you need a refill before your next appointment, contact your pharmacist (who will notify us). Prescriptions and refills are issued during office hours only and will be called in only if a follow-up appointment is not needed at the time.

Yes. The physician or nurse practitioner will want to confirm all medications you are taking (prescription and over-the-counter) with every office visit.

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