Wellness Care

What is an annual exam?

An annual exam is a once-a-year visit to your primary care provider for a general health check, including a breast exam and pap smear for women. An annual exam visit does not include discussion of new problems or detailed review of chronic conditions. Annual exams are also called routine check-up, yearly exam, comprehensive exam, annual pap, and preventive visit.

To schedule, please call 480.981.8650 and ask to schedule your Well Care Visit.  Please schedule a separate appointment if you have health concerns other than your routine physical exam. Examples are:

  • A list of concerns or questions
  • New health care concerns or problems found at the time of your annual exam
  • Ongoing health problems that need more attention
  • What should I expect during my annual exam?
  • General physical exam (not included in the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit)
  • Pelvic exam and breast exam for women (every 24 months for Medicare)
  • Update of life and work situation
  • Update of family health history (any new serious illnesses in your family?)
  • Review of your health history
  • Update of current medications, herbs, and supplements (bring a list)
  • Need for medication refills
  • Evaluation of need for health screening test based on age and personal family history (such as mammogram, test for sexually transmitted disease, colon cancer screening, prostate cancer screening)
  • Update on immunizations (Medicare will cover Influenza, Pneumonia, and Hepatitis B immunizations in the physician office setting when indicated.)
  • Laboratory tests may be ordered during your annual exam. Your insurance policy may not cover routine laboratory testing. (Lab tests for existing conditions will be billed as diagnostic lab and you may responsible for co-payments and deductibles.)
  • What happens if you have a new health problem when you come for your annual exam?
    • You and your provider will need to decide whether to use the time that day to address your problem, in which case your annual exam visit can be rescheduled. Or you may choose to go ahead with your annual exam, and to defer the health concern to another visit. Scheduled appointment times do not allow for both.
  • Insurance Coverage Issues
    • Please check your insurance policy to make sure you are covered for yearly preventive medicine visits. Different insurance policies have different rules for preventive care coverage
    • Most insurance companies allow for only one annual exam per 12 month period (and some will not pay for a visit even a few days early).